Walter J. Bogdziewicz

February 17, 1922 - January 13, 2005

Source: Find A Grave

LAKELAND,FL — Mr. Walter J. Bogdziewicz of Lakeland died of heart failure Thursday (Jan. 13, 2005) at Lakeland Regional Medical Center. He was 82.

Born in Boston on Feb. 17, 1922, he came to Lakeland from Brockton, Mass,. in 1980. He was an orderly at a Veterans Administration hospital. He was an Army veteran of World War II. He was a member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Lakeland.

Burial will be in Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell.

Army Serial Number 31271111
County & State of Residence Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Place of Enlistment Boston, Massachusetts
Date of Enlistment 01/18/43
Grade PVT – Private
Source of Army Personnel Civilian Life
Nativity Massachusetts
Year of Birth 1922
Education 4 Years of High School
Civilian Occupation Undefined
Marital Status Single without dependents
Component of the Army Selectees (Enlisted men)
Box Number 0148
Film Reel Number 3.140

Source: National Archives