Elmer C. Hurley

August 13, 1902 - June 16, 1982

commander elmer c. hurley

Lt. CDR. Elmer C. Hurley at his desk on board the HOPE (He was Executive Officer on the first voyage 1944-45 serving under Captain A. E. Richards). Lt. CDR. Hurley was Captain of the HOPE in 1946 at the time she was turned over to the Army.

commander elmer c. hurley

A shot of several officers (Lt. CDR. Hurley is second from left) at Leyte Gulf. (perhaps someone can identify the others).

commander elmer c. hurley

Lt. CDR. Hurley (L) with Colonel Max Keiser. I believe he was Chief Surgeon with the Army Hospital Group on board the HOPE.

Images courtesy of Robert & Phyllis Semler, Elmer Hurley's son-in-law and daughter.

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