Stephen Kvarta

February 16, 1920 - February 1, 1991

Source: Muster Roll - December 19, 1944

Stephen Kvarta
Image courtesy of his niece, Lu Terock.

Stephen "Frank" Kvarta was one of my mother-in-law's younger brothers. Son of Jon Kvarta and Mary Dobey who emigrated from Slovakia to Johnstown, Pennsylvania. B. 16 Feb 1920 in Johnstown. He was a soldier in the South Pacific, and contracted cholera in April, 1944. His older brother George is the sailor in the photograph. The kneeling gentleman is my father-in-law Herman Terock. My husband Howard Terock is the young boy in the arms of George, and the infant is Ron, Howard's younger brother. Frank died of Huntington's chorea, a disease which affect motor and cognitive skills. He never married.

--- Lu Terock