William W. Harmon

March 14, 1918 – August 1, 1983

Bill Harmon aboard ship
Bill Harmon aboard ship, aboard the USS Hope
Image courtesy of Wallace King
Bill Harmon is front left
Robert Blanke (standing), left to right,
William Harmon, Tom Moran & John Chandler
Image courtesy of Wallace King

robert r. blanke grave marker
Image courtesy of Find a Grave

Army Serial Number 34102555
County & State of Residence Undefined
Place of Enlistment Ft. McClellan, AL
Date of Enlistment 04/24/41
Grade PVT – Private
Source of Army Personnel Civilian Life
Nativity Mississippi
Year of Birth 1918
Education Grammar School
Civilian Occupation Lumberman
Marital Status Single without dependents
Component of the Army Selectees (Enlisted Men)
Box Number 0753
Film Reel Number 1.270

Source: National Archives

No other information available.